Thursday, 11 April 2013

Smart Security Systems

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 Security Cameras, IP Cameras, CCTV

ClearVision Networks is a solutions company specializing in CCTV, Surveillance cameras, Security Cameras systems Installation for both the home and business sectors.

ClearVision Networks offers Smart Security Systems installing turnkey security systems for private homes,shops, offices, factories, embassies and NGOs.

As a direct distributor of security systems to Africa, ClearVision Networks has access to all of the latest in cutting edge surveillance cameras equipment, which in turn, is made available to you, the customer, at Affordable prices. With our free In house consultation you will learn which system is best for your needs. What has and will always separate ClearVision Networks from the rest of the pack, aside from pricing, is our customer service.

Priding ourselves on guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction, we hold our security technicians to the highest of standards in quality assurance. It is not enough to simply install the system. Presentation plays a major role in workmanship. Our attention to detail as well as product quality stems from an established set of quality control procedures implemented in every installation we do.

If you are looking to protect your business and or home, contact the qualified professionals at ClearVision Networks today.
Protects your business from robbery/employee theft.
Increase employee productivity
Monitor your business from anywhere in the world LIVE!
Provide evidence against false claims.
Observe and document improper workplace conduct.
Increase profits by having less theft
Lower Business insurance rate

ClearVision Networks stands behind its claim that our product will protect as well as add to your quality of life.
If you would like to discuss your CCTV requirements in greater detail, give us a call on  00220 700 1976, or email us

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